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  1. Marion says:

    Hello you 2
    Great site.I live in the north and could not agree more.
    just to add you can cross at Famagusta as well the quickest way to get to the karpaz peninsula.
    Here you can spent days on end just by exploring
    or sun bathing or scuba diving.
    There is better fish live than in the south and since there are not so many people it is an adventure in itself.
    If there are any questions about the north I am more than happy to answer them.
    Again carry on the good work in pointing out that beauty is not about politics…
    Take care and have fun


  2. Robbie says:


    great informative website, I have been to Cyprus 4 times this year since September 2009. I will be spending my Xmas there with my Fiancee, so looking forward to a nice 2 weeks break…but back to Ireland in Janurary. I do agree North Cyprus is beautiful, Tutle beach is worth a visit.

    keep up the good work… Thanks again for ideas and places to visit.


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