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It snowed in Limassol! 1

It snowed in Limassol!

Yesterday, there was a small hailstorm and today, there was snowfall in Limassol. This is how winter should be. In the 6+ years before, i have seen it snow in limassol for only one...

Flying in Cyprus 0

Flying in Cyprus

Just as always, I was browsing around for something new and interesting to do in Cyprus. I came across a website which advertised pleasure flights over Cyprus. Looked interesting! So, i sent over an...

There is snow on troodos! 0

There is snow on troodos!

UPDATE(JAN 30th 2008): There is LOT of snow on troodos, to the extent that the sun-facing side of troodos (towards limassol) is full of snow. It is even visible from Limassol. Btw, it also...