Author: Rajaram S

My Euro portfolio 4

My Euro portfolio

Cyprus moved to the Euro from January 2008. When i learnt that the euro coins of the different countries were different, my passion for coin collecting was rekindled. I used to collect coins in...

It snowed in Limassol! 1

It snowed in Limassol!

Yesterday, there was a small hailstorm and today, there was snowfall in Limassol. This is how winter should be. In the 6+ years before, i have seen it snow in limassol for only one...

New Year Party in Limassol, Cyprus 3

New Year Party in Limassol, Cyprus

As always, we went to the New Year celebrations at the Municipal town hall in downtown Limassol. There was a big crowd, but where were the Cypriots ? Only a handful of them could...