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  1. Yariv says:

    Very good oportunity to enjoy that trip to Cyprus. I really would like to be there some day. It’s economic, easy and very beautiful. Greetings from Colombia for you both!

    Very Nice Blog!

  2. Anurag says:

    I called Andreas just now, the man talks like asshole.
    He asked for 120 Euros per buggy for two hours, where are there are many places which rent them for 55Euros for a day.
    Guys search for other options, there are cheaper option avlb.

  3. Kakos Lofitis says:

    Dear Anurag.
    im sorry to hear that kind of talk from you regarding my father!
    please note that in this price you are renting not just a buggy…
    1) there are two guides that need to secure your safety
    2) they teach you on how to drive off-road without capsizing
    3) the buggys in order to function in off-roads need extra maintenance and adjustments
    4) the tour is now 3 hours
    5) the price is including v.a.t.

    well… thats all…. if you still think is expensive thank you for visiting this blog and try to communicate with my father

  4. Fatimah Rabinovich says:

    In reality if you break the off road Honda’s into 3 categories, trail bicycles, motocross bikes and woods race bicycles it makes more sense. There’s no real definition of a path bike, but what most people in the know consider a path bicycle is as follows…air-cooled, steel frame, and no race suspension (i.e. less travel and generally no compression or rebound settings)! A race bike is going to possess a liquid-cooled engine, an aluminum or chromoly frame, and fully adjustable race suspension. If you look at the specs you will see that the CRF-X models meet all of the race bicycle requirements and are definitely not “trail bikes” like a CRF230F.

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