800 year old giant oak tree on the way to troodos

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8 Responses

  1. Anupama says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Didnt know it was 800 years old 😛
    Got to visit it sometime on next trip to troodos :)

  2. Nipanjan says:

    why you want to climb on the old tree, let it to rest in peace …

  3. Michaella says:

    Thanks alot for the info! We’ll go take a look soon.

  4. Beautiful photography as usual – I really do enjoy your posts :)

  5. Sharron Kelly says:

    Hi, will went to visit the old Oak tree today but unfortunately it died 3 years ago and was cut down due to been unsafe…GUTTED!! But we still enjoyed looking around the village…

  6. Rajiv says:

    Wonderfully detailed blog!!
    Went to see the tree yesterday. Was sorely disappointed to learn that the tree has fallen down.

  7. Evripidou Maria says:

    Just to note that now there is no sign on the main street,. If anyone wants to visit, after teh Lania police station there is a blue dinale cafe . JUST BEFORE the cafe is the turn towards the tree

  8. Evripidou Maria says:

    At Rajiv:
    I have visited last March 2013, the tree is still standing

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