800 year old giant oak tree on the way to troodos

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9 Responses

  1. Anupama says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Didnt know it was 800 years old 😛
    Got to visit it sometime on next trip to troodos 🙂

  2. Nipanjan says:

    why you want to climb on the old tree, let it to rest in peace …

  3. Michaella says:

    Thanks alot for the info! We’ll go take a look soon.

  4. Beautiful photography as usual – I really do enjoy your posts 🙂

  5. Sharron Kelly says:

    Hi, will went to visit the old Oak tree today but unfortunately it died 3 years ago and was cut down due to been unsafe…GUTTED!! But we still enjoyed looking around the village…

  6. Rajiv says:

    Wonderfully detailed blog!!
    Went to see the tree yesterday. Was sorely disappointed to learn that the tree has fallen down.

  7. Evripidou Maria says:

    Just to note that now there is no sign on the main street,. If anyone wants to visit, after teh Lania police station there is a blue dinale cafe . JUST BEFORE the cafe is the turn towards the tree

  8. Evripidou Maria says:

    At Rajiv:
    I have visited last March 2013, the tree is still standing

  9. Andria Thompson says:

    We lived in Lania Cyprus about 1996 or 7 and lived in a beautiful house owned by Yanna and Dinos. It was just behind the small and only Police Station that was in front of The Royal Oak (other side of the road), which had the oldest Oak tree (about 1000 years old). The tree split and and crumbled. The TV crews were there and it went onto the news. Michael and I think his wife was Dina, ran the Royal Oak Restaurant till then. They were all lovely people. We lived there for 1 year. The father of Dinos lived in Dhoros just minutes away. I have tried for years to track these people down as I didn’t write the address. Would love to see them again.

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