Tiffany shopping mall opens in Limassol

Finally, Limassol has its own mall! No, it is not called the mall of limassol or the limassol mall. It is called the Tiffany shopping mall. Originally planned to be opened on 8th August 2008 (08/08/08), the Tiffany limassol mall finally opened on 30th May 2009. It is located in Zakaki area just a few hundred metres off the new port. You can approach this mall from the mercedes benz/Bank of cyprus signal proceeding towards Paphos.

Photos of the mall during its various stages construction.
tiffany shopping mall of limassol cyprus
tiffany limassol mall cyprus
mall of limassol tiffany shopping mall cyprus
Now, what is going to happen to all the hang-out places in Limassol like Starbucks, costas etc? Are people going to flood the mall preferring it over these places?

Update: Got the below info in an email
Cyprus on Ice, Skating rink at My Mall, Limassol.
Cyprus on Ice will offer various forms of “ice entertainment” such as ice shows and events and ice hockey demonstrations in addition to ice skating familiarity sessions by instructors on site. Skates and ice hockey accessories and apparel will also available to be ordered at the rink, as is the booking of “Parties on Ice.”
Cyprus on Ice: Hours, Open Daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Location: Level -1, “My Mall Limassol” 285 Franklin Roosevelt, Zakaki, Limassol
Phone: 00357 25713305, mobile: 00357 97691601.

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9 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    One thing that public places lack in Cyprus are “PARKING WITH SECURITY CAMERA WATCH” So many wealthy people with luxury cars but are too afraid to leave them parked unprotected. Shopping mall car parks must be under constant watch if you want the wealthy to visit and shop worry less 😉

    Hope my comment reaches who ever this concerns. Thanks

  2. Diana says:

    We would probably never have found the Mall except for the fact that we went with friends who live near Limassol! We live near Paphos and our friends approached from the Kolossi direction. There was not a single sign to direct traffic to the mall or even any sign advertising the Mall was open. If you want large numbers of the public to get there then this is an important oversight.

    Once we got there we were pleased to see that for the first time a mall of this design has been built here, it reminds me of shopping malls I have seen in countries such as the UK and USA. Though it is quite small by comparison with some of them. At present there are still a lot of empty shop spaces, which hopefully will be filled soon by shops offering more than just fashions, accessories and cosmetics. How about Linens, Home wear and good class Kitchen ware and China shops Some of the food outlets are open and there is a food court – a good idea. There is a smallish ice rink in the basement which will be fun for the kids in the hot summer months, but otherwise not much else visible as entertainment for children.

  3. Janet Holden says:

    I have been informed that the Tiffany Mall has changed its name to My Mall, is this correct and if so why?

  4. xara says:

    tiffany is a large jewlwery company so for copiright reasons they were forced to change yeep its true..C=

  5. Aileen says:

    I’m surprised that My Mall hasn’t got a website with information about the shops, directions to get there and other news.
    From the effort I’ve made to learn what shops are there, it seems like they have a better selection than Mall of Cyprus (which just seems to pay homage to the Shacolas Empire).

  6. maria says:

    Not a problem to find,just follow the Fassouri market signs,yes more shops need opening, but by comparrisent to Pafos s so called Mall,this is a luxury.Can someone tell me if it is open on a Sunday as someone told me it was

  7. Charity Koos says:

    A friend recommended me to read this site, great post, fascinating read… keep up the cool work!

  8. Cyprus Explored says:

    Can’t wait to go shopping there! 😀

  9. steve21 says:

    Is this near orphanides limassol .

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