Kalavasos: The village, the dam and the only train in Cyprus

Kalavasos dam is on the outskirts of Kalavasos village, just a short drive from any of Limassol/Paphos/Nicosia. The most visible sign from the highway is the big tent called Kalavasos Tenta. This tent protects some archeological finds in that area. Last Sunday, we just had enough time before the Grand Carnical Parade to visit the kalavasos dam.

The drive to the dam from the highway was a small winding road overlooking a valley. The greenery was awesome. Looks like we are in for a beautiful spring this year. There was this house down in the valley with a farm and a stable with many horses. It looked so idyllic.
The dam as such was not a pretty sight with very less water. I remember that this dam had oveflown few years back. I don’t know whether we will ever have such a situation again.

Near the dam, an earthern road takes you to the remnants of an old mine.

On the way back, we stopped over at the village. We spent quite some time walking through the small village. We must have looked like a bunch of aliens walking around this calm and quiet village with cameras in our hands, taking photos of anything and everything! There was even an Archbishop Makarios III Avenue (more like a narrow street) in the village.

A little ahead of the village, you will see a small park opposite a tavern/kiosk. There is a stream behind this park, on top of which is the only rail bridge (the only one that i know of) in Cyprus. There you will find a small train (engine and carriages) which was used in the past to carry stuff out of the mines. When the stream has lot of water, the bridge with the train is a good photo-op!

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  1. May 3, 2010

    […] in the 32 years that I have lived on the island, the Kalavasos Mines. Various friends and various internet searches suggested that this would be a nice place to visit, so we jumped in the car and drove direct to […]

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