Euro Competition – 10 years with the Euro – poster competition for kids

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the euro, the European Commission launches a Eurocompetition, an online poster competition among Europe’s youth! The Eurocompetition invites pupils from the euro area and Slovakia to express their views and thoughts on the “10 years of the euro” in a creative way in the form of a poster.

So, if you have a creative mind and if you have a heart for the euro, get to your drawing boards and subscribe to this unique European poster competition!

Growing up with the euro: how does it feel to be part of the euro generation?
This age group is the first generation living with the euro for most of their lives. Many don’t remember the time when we still lived with a variety of national currencies, and don’t realise the impact the euro has had on our daily lives and for the EU as a whole. So pupils are encouraged to discuss in class the changes which the single currency has brought about, and express their ideas in the form of a poster.

Learning what the euro is and what it has achieved
The Eurocompetition website ( provides materials for teachers to connect their history, geography or even language lessons with the euro, EMU and the economic background involved. Teachers will also be offered guidelines and activities to help teach the euro to this age level.

The project is expected to stimulate debate about the euro within the classroom, and with parents and peers. The debates will raise issues around the changes it has triggered in our daily life, and also encourage thinking about the benefits of a single currency.

How does it work?
Schools and teachers from the Member States of the euro area and Slovakia can register for the competition on the website and receive further information about the celebration of the euro’s 10-year anniversary. Participating students must be aged between 10 and 14. There is no charge for participating in the competition.

The competition itself will be launched on 15 September 2008. Until 31 December teachers can upload their pupils’ pictures onto the website gallery, where it will be possible to view all the submitted entries from across Europe.

A jury will select 16 national winners, who will each be awarded with a digital camera and the chance to have their poster printed and displayed by the European Commission at an exhibition. From these 16 an overall winner will be selected. A special prize – yet to be unveiled – will be awarded.

About the project
This project is an initiative of the European Commission, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union. The Eurocompetition is organised by the Directorate General Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission (, and coordinated by European Schoolnet ( on their behalf.

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Ms Nora Nadjarian e-mail:

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