2nd Euro Mediterranean Folkloric Festival in Limassol

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This is the second edition of the Euro Mediterranean festival in Cyprus, after the one in 2007. The photo above is from the last year’s show. I saw the posters for this while driving around yesterday and was surprised to know that it was starting today (Aug 4th, 2008). There was very little publicity for this event and there was not even a single place online where i could get the details. Somehow, i managed to get the phone number of the Cyprus municipality and they were courteous enough to fax me the complete schedule. If you are in Limassol for any of the 4 days below, do go to this show. It is a cultural extravaganza with different kinds of dances/instruments and for the photographer in you, it is a great opportunity to improve your skills at taking photos at a stage concert.
This year, there seem to be groups which were not present last year. Some of the highlights of this year’s show are:

  • Cyprus: Dionysos cultural and dancing group from Limassol, Konta Stin Paradosi Group, Alexandra traditional dancing workshop and the limassol cultural association. I hope that the Cypriots do something different from the usual sitting down, touching one leg and the hopping back thing!
  • Greece: Cultural Group Arcadi
  • Hungary: Folk dance group Csepel
  • Italy: Folklore group Marsala Antica
  • Czech Republic: Folklore group Lipina Vracov
  • Latvia: Dance Ensemble Bitite
  • Egypt: Floklore Group Malawi

The festival is from the 4th of August to 8th of August. The schedule is as follows;

  • 4th Aug: Downtown area, District Administration Office: 19:30, parade of the groups; 20:30, performance of the groups
  • 5th Aug: Performance at the courtyard of Panayia Chrisaifiliotisa church (where is this?) at Agia Fyla
  • 6th Aug: Performance at the “Kostas Partasides Park” at Agios Nicolas
  • 7th Aug: Performance at the courtyard ofAgia Varvara churc at Zakaki
  • 8th Aug: 19:30; Parade of the groups from the Limasosl Municipal Gardens to the Old Port, 20:30;Performance at the old port and then the closing ceremony.

If you get a chance, do visit the performance on one of the days, it is really good!

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