Roudia Bridge – the most beautiful medieval bridge in Cyprus

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  1. JS Evans says:

    Great directions! I found it with no problems! Just FYI, Vretsia is very well signposted coming from Paphos. I went out that way and there were several signs pointing to Vretsia. Thanks again for the great directions – they are the only directions I could find!

  2. Rajaram S says:

    Glad to be of help Evans!

  3. GR says:

    Good read. Just a quick note to mention that bridge in Greek is “Yefiri”, not “Gefri” as you seem to have understood.

    Regards, GR.

  4. Sarvesh says:

    Anith thevai illa muyarchi eduthu bulb vangi irukkan. Cha naan intha trip vara mudiyala, missed fun with all of u, never late now i am planning to go with my wife.

  5. Simon says:

    We decided to take a day trip to Roudia bridge today and after reading your blog we took a look at the map and decided to approach from the SW of the bridge and visit the abandoned village of Vretsia on the way.
    To keep it simple, I will start the route we took from Petra Tou Romiou (Aphrodites Rock), as this is well signposted and a great starting point.
    From Aphrodites Rock we headed west towards Pafos for around 13 miles until we came to a right turn for Timi.
    We took this turn and then kept going along this road (F622) until we hit a sign for Nata. We headed for Nata and eventually hit a T junction where we turned right for Axylou and continued along this road through Eledio, Agios Georgious and on to Pentalia.
    Just after Pentalia there is a right turn for Galataria, we took that turning and headed on through Galataria and then Koilineia. Driving through Koilineia, we saw the sign for Vretsia (4km) but it was actually only just over 2km along a winding mountain road.
    Vretsia was really interesting and well worth the photos. As you drive through Vretsia you come to a white church with a signpost outside saying Panagia 12km, to the right of this sign there is another sign which is twisted and shot by a shotgun which says Evagoras “Vretsia” village tavern and “the Tavern is at the starting point of nature trail” with a big red arrow pointing right.
    We followed this sign and passed a tavern on the right (Vulture park) which is still in use but not open when we passed.
    After the tavern we followed an obvious track downhill (A 4×4 is a must at this point forward) although there is more than one track leading downhill at each junction we took the one which looked most used.
    We eventually came to the bottom of the valley and hit the river and an old ruin of a building. Just to the right of this ruin there is a blue arrow telling you to continue left, parallel with the river.
    After 5 mins or so you have the river right in front of you and you have to cross it. The road then snakes round left, then right and you have to cross the river twice more. After the third crossing you come out of the river and head slightly up and left and the bridge is right there on your left.
    What a great picnic and day out for the family, there was a Cypriot family there already having a picnic and they came over and shared some cheese bread with us which was great.
    Once we had finished we headed back towards Telefos Bridge, using the directions you posted but in reverse.
    Thanks alot for sharing your experiences on the net along with your route as you seem to be the only one who has ever gone to the trouble of doing it and it definately helped us plan our day out very succesfully.
    I hope these directions are of some help to anyone else wishing to approach the bridge from the Pafos direction.
    This is a great day out and one that we shall certainly be doing again

    Thanks again
    simon and family

  6. Rajaram S says:

    Thx Simon for the details and good to know that you enjoyed the trip.
    It is the personal blogs which give the true information unlike the touristy sites with the standard photos and the 2-3 lines of writeup!

  7. Andrew says:

    This is a great description, thank you! I also liked the comments describing the SW approach.

    A question for you both (Rajaram and Simon), is either possible in a non-4WD vehicle?

    From your comments it sounds like probably not, but I thought it worth checking. Thanks!

  8. Rajaram S says:

    Yes, it is possible as the slopes are not too much. But a vehicle with a low base might be a problem

  1. February 11, 2009

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