Millomeri Waterfalls in Platres near Troodos, Cyprus

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  1. Anna says:


  2. Rajiv says:

    Have just had a wonderful though drive-only trip around the waterfall, the Venetian bridges and the double bridge at Trimiklini, thanks to your wonderfully written and detailed blog!!
    Have you or anyone else tried to go downstream of the fall? For how long does the chasm remain as narrow as just below the falls?

  3. DemHad says:

    Sorry for commenting, but I am wondering why your friends did not know the word Millos (Μιλλός or Μηλλός) with the intonation on “O”. The “LL” is very “heavy” and it’s pronounced with your tongue almost out of your teeth. I’m not 100% sure about the roots of the word, but I think it is from Ancient Greek. “Millos” is a word used in Cypriot dialect. I have never hear a Greek from Greece using this word. I hear many Cypriots, especially in villages using that word. We also use the word “Μιλλο-βρεμένος” (millo-vremenos) where “vremenos” also means “wet”. We usually use it for something that is not completely dry.
    And for the record (for your Cypriot friends not knowing the word, “millos” should not be confused with the word “milla” (μίλλα), where the intonation is on “I” and means “fat”.

  4. PhilLC says:

    dear DemHead, thanks for the info on Μιλλός; I grew up in Cyprus (Nicosia and Larnaca) and never ever heard it – perhaps its a word used in the Limassol area and the mountains above…

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