Double Bridge in Trimiklini Village, Cyprus

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  1. Laree says:

    Wow! I am travelling to Cyprus next week and am inspired and excited to explore after reading about your adventures and seeing your amazing photographs. Thank you!

  2. ricardo says:

    nice story, But unfortunately its main facts are totally wrong.the actual medieval bridge is the old small stone made one,the double layered one was made by the British during the British ruling of the island between 1878-1959.
    and also the dam is full all summer long in winter they open the water gates to let the water run to the larger alassa dam,the stream (kouris river) is the only stream that never goes dry.

  3. Rajiv says:

    Are you sure that there would be traffic on both layers at an earlier date? Doesnt look like it. Have just visited this and other sites in Cyprus following your very interesting and informative blog!!

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