Scavenger hunt held in Cyprus

Last week, i organized a scavenger hunt in our office. Given below are some of the items related to Cyprus. If you want to see the full list of items from the scavenger hunt, go here.

  • A movie ticket from K-Cineplex –> One team got a ticket from the bushes around K-Cineplex
  • A completed Cyprus Weekly crossword
  • A Cyprus flag bigger than 4*4 ft –> Few teams decided to draw the flag on a big sheet of paper rather than search for a big flag.
  • A starbucks takeaway coffee cup
  • A pine cone from troodos
  • If you didn’t know, the euro coins have the same face on one side and a country specific face on the other. Get a set of 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins each from a different country in the Euro Zone.
  • A bus ticket from Limassol to Nicosia
  • A bill from Orphanides for more than 100 CYP
  • A bill from Orphanides for less than 30 cents.
  • The Cyprus 1 pound note has a serial number of the following format: 2 alphabets followed by 6 numbers. Find a Cyprus 1 pound note with all the 6 digits different from each other.
  • A CYTA bill for a month more than 400 CYP
  • A greek newspaper from the month of Januray 2008.
  • An used Cyprus postage stamp
  • A photo of the 2 team members in front of Kalidonia Waterfall.
  • A photo of two of the team members with snowballs in their hands with the troodos white globe in the background.

The event was great. Few teams managed almost 90% of the items. For the full list of items, go here.

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