Renting or buying apartments in Cyprus

If you look at the construction boom going on in Cyprus and then look at the population of Cyprus, it is easy to conclude that apartments are easy to buy or rent in Cyprus. You are wrong!
Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists from Europe and rest of the world swarm into Cyprus and to enjoy the year-round sun and the calm beaches. In fact, Cyprus holidays would feature high up on the list of most tourist operators in Europe. English tourists are the ones who dominate this lot, not surprising considering the weather in England. Also, the prices of apartments and real estate in Cyprus is still low compared to the rest of Europe in spite of the constant rise in the last few years. So, this means that many expats pour in their retirement funds into a beautiful sea-side villa in Cyprus rather than for a dinghy apartment elsewhere. People prefer Apartments in Larnaca or in Limassol, as these are the more famous touristy places.
No, I am not planning to buy an apartment in Cyprus. But, it is that time of the year when we start looking out to rent apartments for our annual project event. The problem is that we need 40 apartments, preferably in the same complex for a day. Now, who can satisfy this requirement?
Every year, we spend almost two months deciding on the place to go, be it larnaca, paphos, Ayia Napa or maybe to the mountains. After this is agreed upon, then comes the difficult task of finding a resort to host us. We are picky about the prices, but a call from us is in demand. What does it mean to the resort ? If one team goes to a particular resort and gives a good feedback on it, then dozens of other teams make a beeline for the same resort. This means that, in a span of 2-3 months, that particular resort would have rented out an average of 30 rooms per team for a single day. Some years, the tourist season might not be so good, but our project events happens year after year. So, it is pretty good business for the resorts.
So, are you ready to host us this year?

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