Getting high on the Troodos mountains

snow on troodos cyprus
Whenever there is lot of snow on the troodos mountains, I say “The whole of Limassol is going to be in Troodos this weekend”, but the last weekend, it looked like the entire Cyprus population was on troodos! Never have i seen such a traffic jam on troodos. The best part was that we had left at 9.30 AM from Limassol. Usually, our groups gets up this time on weekends and then starts planning to go somewhere. So, we reached the troodos square under the assumption that we would have the entire snow to ourselves.
We were wrong! Terribly wrong! It took us almost an hour to cover the distance of 2 kilometres from the Troodos square to the top of Mount Olympus. It took a wait of over 30 mins on the top to find a parking place. Many returned, having lost hope of finding one. But, we waited and finally got one around 500 m from the ski station.
But, we didn’t actually go straight to Mt.Olympus. On the way, the fresh slopes on the sides of the road were too enticing to avoid. So, we stopped and bought a plastic slide thing and started fooling around!
But, it doesn’t always work out fine. Anith, “the brave” kumar (“The brave” part is yet to written abt – another post) always ended up in the wrong direction. Harish had another kind of problem, he never managed to stay on the slide thing.
snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus

After a few such unsuccessful attempts, we decided to go to our favourite spot, the place opposite the ski center, on the ridge. Guess what, Harish found life there, not the human kind, but the insect kind and it was alive and kicking!
snow on troodos cyprus

Like last year, we found this ridge “undamaged” by human intervention and decided to go ahead and damage it with our footsteps and slides.
snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus

We were tired and about to make our way back to the car. Then a small snowball fight erupted and by chance, i kicked at a snowball. Harish happened to take a photo of this. I liked the photo a lot. Harish then asked me to do a kind of jump-kick which turned out to be even better on the photo.
snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus

So, this started a series of snowball-throwing-and-kicking photo session.

snow on troodos cyprus

snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus

After a while , people got bored of snowing snowballs at me. So, they decided to get into the action and we started attempting flying kicks at each other. Harish was satisfied with staying on the ground level!

snow on troodos cyprus snow on troodos cyprus

Of course, as always, we have the famous smart Cypriot and his four wheel driven jeep, attempting smart tricks on the snow, then getting caught and requesting for help! They are one of a kind!

snow on troodos cyprus

From the videos taken by Anith “the brave” kumar, i have created a small video (1.5 MB) of all the sliding action, the first part is very small because of some wrong setting. Enjoy!

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  1. daniel says:

    great blog

    daniel (lisbon)

  2. BMS Travel says:

    This is a great blog. I always shock people when I tell them you can actually ski in Cyprus and then sit on the beach in the afternoon.

  3. Mark says:

    Hello I read your article about the Trodos mountains with interest, I am visiting Cyprus from 24th – 31st Dec 2010 and would love to see snow in the mountains when we are there, do you think there will be snow in the mountains at this time? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Mark.

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