Elia Bridge – Venetian Bridges in Cyprus

Also referred to as the Eleia or the Elea bridge, it is one of the three medieval/venetian bridges in Cyprus, the other two being the Kelefos bridge and the Roudia bridge.
This is the smallest of the three bridges. It is around three kilometres from kelefos bridge. For direction to kelefos bridge, check the post about the Kelefos bridge. From kelefos bridge, a signpost is present for Elia bridge. When i visted this place many years ago, it was difficult to find, as the bridge was built on a slop by the side of the road and can be easily missed. But now, there are clear signboards on the road next to the bridge, as this place is officially on E4 (Eurpoean long distance trail) and also on the venetian bridges trail.
This bridge is not very attractive in summer as there is not lot of water which flows underneath. But, in spring/winter (as you see below), the colours are rich and the scenery excellent.

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