Ayios Neophytos Monastery in Paphos – The Cave Monastery

Ayios Neophytos Monastery was supposedly found by a Cypriot Saint in the late 1100s. The monastery and its room were carved out of the mountain by the Saint and hence is also known as the cave monastery. It is just under a 20 minute drive from Paphos and is on top of a 900 m hill. The drive up to this hill is excellent offering good views of Paphos and its surroundings.

There is a chapel right across this monastery. There are many beautiful frescoes found here. If you are interested in mosaic work, you will find many of them (like the one below) in this monastery

To locate this monastery on the map, look to the north of Pafos and find a village named Tala. This monastery can be seen to the north-east of this village. If you want more details of this monastery and its history, you can check this page.

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  1. dan says:

    If this really happens it will be great. There has been alot of development round by the harbour in Paphos. It seems that in every town the word marina appears. In Larnaca and Pissouri they have also promised residents of a marina!!

    We’ve just joined the MyTouristCard.com membership for one month for a Cyprus holiday. We are off next week and can not wait. Good restaurants, good food, the odd day trip – cant wait. We will probably hire a car and go for to other resorts in Cyprus too.

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