New Year Party in Limassol, Cyprus

As always, we went to the New Year celebrations at the Municipal town hall in downtown Limassol. There was a big crowd, but where were the Cypriots ? Only a handful of them could be seen. Probably they came from families who didn’t know how to make black smoke and souvlaki. The rest of the crowd consisted of Asians, Eastern Europeans and even some turkish cypriots. Welcome to Europe!
I have been here more than 6 years and the change is getting more evident by the day. 6 years back, cypriots used to dominate any crowd (apart from the half naked britishers, in the summer). Nowadays, they are starting to become a minority, in the workplaces, in the malls, everywhere. This is the effect of joining Europe, becoming a part of EU. I am sure that the cypriots didn’t expect this side-effect when they wanted to join EU. For an average cypriot, rest of the world used to mean Greece and UK. Now things have changed. They are “forced” to interact with other Europeans too, those that they deemed inferior to them. I hope that the Cypriots take to this change in a positive way and welcome the interactions with new people and cultures.
The fireworks at this year’s new year celebrations looked a little special, probably because of Cyprus’ move to the Euro starting January 1st 2008 and they wanted to spend all the old Cyprus pound currency notes before that! But it was too cold to go out with a camera, so no photographs this time.
Happy New Year!

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3 Responses

  1. Xeni says:

    I think its kind of upsetting that you put cypriots on such a low scale. I believe they are well aware of all of europe even before the joined the european union.

    They probably dont arrive at the New Years party because they are actually from cyprus. Most locals dont go to places were more tourists go. After all they have seen this party for many many generations. They have there own parties with traditional food and events after all its there culture. You cant say that cypriots dont like the tourists/immigrants that why they did go.

    I dont think the cypriots care who comes on there island after all its there’s and Cyprus is based on tourism why would they hate them? They welcome tourists because it is actually a good way cyprus makes money.

    The average Cypriot knows what “Europe” means and actually Cypriots are scattered across the WORLD not just europe. You say they are not aware? That the UK and Greece make up Europe for the cypriots you are very wrong. Cypriots study and move all over the world from Europe to America to Australia.

    Its upsetting to see anyone saying negative steriotypes about a group espeically when you say cypriots as a whole.

    They have created families, married, and lived abroad all over the world.

    I think the Cypriots are amazing for what they have accomplished all on there own on such a tiny island. They live on such an amazing location surrounded by culture and history.

    Joining the EU made no diffrence in the amount of tourists/immigrants that came over. In fact it makes more sense to say that joining the EU was only better for them because of there problems with the turkish side.

    And the only reason why there are so many diverse cultures in cyprus is because the cypriots married to diffrent nationalities. And just because someone may speak english doesnt make they are english. Maybe there cypriots lived abroad or english-cypriots or greek-americans. If they saw other cultures as inferior they wouldnt marry other cultures and for a fact most do marry other cultures. This makes the cypriots very open minded. I suggest you think of all the possibilites before judging a ‘group’. For a group of people is not made up by 2 individiuals that you saw or a new years eve party that you experienced.

  2. Rajaram S says:

    Xeni..don’t take offence at what has been written ..I didn’t mean to put Cypriots on any kind of “low scale”. It is just a humourous twist on the happenings..I have been in Cyprus for 7 years now and it is because i love this place and its people (well, most of them 🙂 )..

  3. Evripidou M. says:

    Most cypriots will go to either a hotel, or families 🙂

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