The Mall of Cyprus, Nicosia

We decided to go on a second visit to Ikea last weekend. We also planned to combine it with a visit to the Mall of Cyprus next door to Ikea. It was a massive shopping/window shopping spree lasting almost 7 hours, that i ended up with a headache by the time we reached back to Limassol!
The Mall of Cyprus is quite impressive, designed on the lines of the big malls in the rest of the world. Carrefour and Debenhams occupy huge areas on the ground and first floor. One store called Public was interesting. It was an electronics/books store. The layout was very similar to Best Buy or Frys in the US. It had lot of options for electronics, though one must be crazy to buy anything in Cyprus, as the prices are quoted almost the same number of pounds as the price in US dollars. The books section was huge, probably the biggest i have seen un Cyprus. Other than these, we had the usual share of all the fashion stores. Vidhya tells me that the size of the stores here are much bigger than the ones within the city and they have more options. K-Cineplex is also there, so if you get tired of shopping or if you don’t want to accompany your wife on a shopping spree, let her shop while you can catch the latest movie.
The second floor has lot of restaurants serving junk food like Pizza hut, Mc Donalds, KFC etc. The icing on the cake was Haagen-Dazs, where i had milk shakes for the first time. I love all the ice creams of haagen-dazs, but the milk shakes were even better. It seemed that the whole of Nicosia had come to the mall that day just to have lunch.
On the whole, a trip to Ikea and the mall of cyprus could take the most of your day, but they are worth a visit from time to time.

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  1. Ricardo Sergio says:

    Blog is wonderful, an excellent layout.

    Ricardo Sergio
    Faça the Difference!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey and the beautiful photos! Anna Ioannou

  3. CAMPAN ALIN says:

    where can i post my cv for a job in Cyprus mall?
    thank you!

  4. maria says:

    Is IKEA and the mall open on a sunday

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