It snowed in Limassol!

Yesterday, there was a small hailstorm and today, there was snowfall in Limassol. This is how winter should be. In the 6+ years before, i have seen it snow in limassol for only one or two times and that too for a few seconds. But, today it lasted much longer. Long enough for Harish to come out and take a photograph.

snowfall in Limassol Cyprus

I didn’t bring my camera to work on the two days it rained/snowed. But, i found this lovely picture of snow-covered troodos taken by Rob and Mandy from Pissouri.

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  1. dave tremlett says:

    hello i look forward to reading your blo0gs they are very good

    could i ask u a question i use to come to cyprus to go fishing in the dams
    last time about 3 years ago when they were nealy dry are they now begining to fill and have heard how the fishing is ? many thanks

    dave tremlett

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