Aphrodite walking trail near Baths of Aphrodite in Akamas

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  1. zoe krylova says:

    that sounds like so much fun! we spent two weeks near polis in summer, 2006, and swam & snorkeled every day at beaches off of akamas. it was much too hot for walking far, but it sounds like an exquisite winter hike. lovely photos. i also walked through the avakas gorge with my aunt, visited the turtle hatchery, and drove all around the lovely villages in that area.

  2. Rajaram S says:

    I have never been to the turtle hatchery. Should visit once!

  3. KAMDOU says:

    Very interesting site that I find rich, pleasant and well organized!
    Honour for me if you include it in my “Multilingual” topliste Panorama
    Best continuation!
    Sincerrely Yours! Kamdou

  4. zoe krylova says:

    we didn’t see turtles while there, but there are protected areas along the beach where they nest (or lay egss). it is a lovely beach for swimming!

    there are some nice photos here: http://nicosia.usembassy.gov/EmbatWork/SAVEturtlesAug07.htm

    i hope you’re staying warm!

  5. Nahuatl says:

    Lovely pics!
    I miss those beautiful places sometimes 🙂

  6. Nahuatl says:

    Hey Rajaram,
    I am Nayan, once working with you in Amdocs 🙂
    How are you doing?

  7. Anurag says:

    See problems with gals, all Vidya could ask for was rainbow.
    considering it was fulfilled, she should have better tried for something more materialistic 😉
    nice blog n pics.

  8. Clare D says:

    Took that ascent/descent today although took the same route down as up. Agree that you have to appreciate that there is some ‘climbing’ involved but the views across the island are breath taking as are the sounds of nature! Must also comment on the local goats that roam the surrounding area, managed to get very close to them as they walked around us! And yes we too said that to attempt it in the summer would be foolish.

  9. David says:

    Looks amazing… We are planning a trip over to Cyprus this year, and just beginning to delve into the different options for our visiting pleasure. It seems like we won’t run short of options.

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