Omodhos Village in Cyprus

Also spelt sometimes as Omodos, a visit to this village would present you the real cyprus. Cyprus may look modern with its fancy cars and bikes, trendy night clubs and its fashionable citizens, but the real Cyprus is all about its culture and tradition. For a feel of that, you have move away from the cities and into the numerous villages dotting the hillsides.
Omodos Village is less than an hour’s drive from Limassol and is enroute to Troodos. On entering the village, you are greeted by a big square with coffee shops and souvenir shops on its sides. This may seem touristy, but everything after this is not.
There is a big church at one end of the square and the village branches off from the sides of the church. The streets are very narrow and fun to explore. On a weekday, you can also get to taste the local wines offered at many of the stalls. Omodos is famous for its vineyards and its wines. We went on a Sunday and most of the shops were closed.

We also came across a gentleman who insisted that we visit his traditional house. We were wary at first, but it was good that we agreed. It was an amazing experience. He took us around the house. The “traditional” look was retained and he showed us around all the rooms and also the antiquities that he had preserved. The best part was a photograph with family members from 5 generations. The house even had a basement with a window looking out just a few inches above the street outside. Like most of the present day Cypriots, his children and grand children had settled in Nicosia and he was here with his wife looking after their ancestral home. If you go to Omodos, don’t miss this.

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