Flying in Cyprus

Just as always, I was browsing around for something new and interesting to do in Cyprus. I came across a website which advertised pleasure flights over Cyprus. Looked interesting! So, i sent over an email to the contact address asking for more details. I didn’t expect an answer, as my many previous attempts to contact websites advertising sea kayaking around Cyprus or Hot Air Ballooning over Cyprus didn’t get any replies.
But, I got a reply within a day. The website “Flying in Cyprus” was not an amateur attempt at a website, but a full fledged one giving lot of information. They have sightseeing trips as well as planes for rent and even flight training programmes.
Some details on the sightseeing trips they offer
  • The flight lasts for around 45 minutes
  • The flight starts from Larnaca, goes towards Limassol, then towards Troodos and then back to Larnaca
  • The price is 85 CYP + VAT per person
  • The plane can accommodate two passengers at a time

They also have helicopter trips, but they are more expensive at 250 CYP per person. I would love to go for this flight trip, especially since there is snow on troodos now. I have always wanted to have a better look at the dense Paphos forests just to the west of troodos, but Vidhya isnot very interested in this. If i convince her, you can see lot of photos here!

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