There is snow on troodos!

UPDATE(JAN 30th 2008): There is LOT of snow on troodos, to the extent that the sun-facing side of troodos (towards limassol) is full of snow. It is even visible from Limassol. Btw, it also snowed in limassol, something of a rarity!
at least, that is what the pictures of the Ski Cam on Zeus slope on Troodos are showing. But, it is too early in the winter for heavy snow and in all probability, you should be seeing only dirty snow now on troodos.
But, these are good signs for things to come. The amount of snow falling troodos has been steadily reducing over the past few years and the duration for which there is snow is also reducing. So, if we have early snow this time, lets hope that we have snow on troodos during Christmas.
Lots of snow means that you can do a lot of things: Make a snowman – a lifelike one, not the two lumps of snows you usually see, arrange a snow trek to Kalidonia waterfalls or just fool around on the snow!
snow in troodos cyprus

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