Cyprus on red alert against possible invasion

The more popular you become, the more threats you get. Cyprus has developed into a hot tourist destination for all of Europe and hence is eyed upon as a prime location for emerging touristy business opportunities which are almost as worth as oil. So, many countries try from time-to-time to invade Cyprus.
Late last year, US sent one its aircraft carriers to invade the town of Limassol. But, the Cypriots were one step ahead of America’s plans. As you can see in the photo below, Cyprus sent out its state-of-the-art attack cruiser to threaten the USS Dwight D.Eisenhower and the plan worked, with the nuclear powered Aircraft carrier beating a hasty retreat.

Now, India has sent three of her ships to the port of Laranca in an attempt to invade Cyprus through larnaca. The INS Tarangini, INS Shardul and INS Sujata came towards laranaca late last week. The INS Sujata, an offshore patrol vehicle, was first sent on a reconnaissance mission towards the Larnaca port.
This alerted the Cyprus authorities. The entire naval fleet was put on a high alert in the Larnaca Marina (as can be seen in the pic below). My workplace is very close to Limassol Port. There was intense activity on the port and then we realised that all the Jet-Skis and Kayaks were being mobilised to be sent to Laranca to act as a front line defence against the Indian warships.

The army was also put on a high alert and all the backgammon(tavli) boards at the army training camps were withdrawn. In fact, soldiers who had been reporting to the army training camps over the last week were surprised when they were asked to report to the dusty gym, as they always headed straight to the coffee-shop on the campus for a game of backgammon.
I hope that the situation doesn’t escalate and turn into a full fledged war between India and Cyprus. Keep watching this space for updates!
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  1. Davide says:

    I’ll begin the Italian Invasion, coming in January, 2008. 😀

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