Visit to the Limassol Wine Festival

Went to the wine festival at the municipal gardens on the opening day with very high expectations. Came back very disappointed!
No, the wine festival didn’t come up short on the free wine. But, there was no fireworks display nor there were any games to play. These are the only two reasons i go to the Wine festival and both were absent, making me very disappointed! It was amazing how misinformed the officials were. We got three different times from three different people (including the cops on the scene) for the fireworks display.
Okay, there was this cancer society stall where you “donate” 1 pound and then choose any number corresponding to which you may get anything from a vermicilli packet to a bag of toffees. Vidhya won a hat, the only win of this year’s wine fesival. I also bought a wine festival t-shirt, which has become quite a practice for me every year. Though they are pretty cheap (2-3 CYP), the quality is surprisingly good and they last long.
Check out some photos from the festival.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When is the next event? We are installing the Interwatch Surveillance system for our house in Mazotos and was wondering when the next event will be?

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