Independence from the British

India celebrated its 60th year of Independence from the British, yesterday (August 15th). It was also a holiday in Cyprus because of some religious festival.
It is strange that Cyprus though officially free is yet to get its independence from the British. Britain still occupies around 98 sq. km (approximately 5% of the total area of Cyprus) and has its military bases here. These military base areas have their own laws and rules and are not governed/policed by the local Cypriot police. Here and there, voices are raised against this by the Cypriots, but nothing happens, as the Cypriot Government lives under the false pretense that having the Britishers on their soil would boost their security against foreign threats. I guess that they didn’t learn anything from the Turkish Invasion when the British army turned a silent eye to the happenings.
In fact, there are lot of online BBC reports which state that the Americans and the Brits were the ones responsible for the split of the Island. I was trying to get the link to the February 2006 article in the Cyprus Weekly on the British Spy ring in Cyprus and what do i see on the front page, an article on how the US gave full backing to the Turkish Invasion. Cyprus Weekly doesn’t seem to have that article online, but i have the paper with me and it even has photos of British Army tanks smuggling weapons to the Turkish side.
Lets hope that Cyprus wakes up some day and celebrates its real Independence.

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  1. Andre says:

    Blogers bla bla, show me an official piece of paper. The 5% remains under british/governance till the day Cyprus will become Onecountry together with turks.The EU cannot accept a member under any kind of dominance. Right now as you very well know is under a peculiar situation that is why they can hold the 5%, Cypriots refuse to the Anan solution was, for brits , butter on their bread.If you are interested you should search the press on that particular time ,it is all there.

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