A Trip to Kelefos Bridge

Kelefos Bridge is the most famous of the still remaining medieval bridges in Cyprus. The other two in the same area are the Elia and Roudia bridges. I have been to this numerous times in various seasons and it had always been a nice visit.
To go to Kelefos bridge, this is the route to take:
  • From the highway, take the troodos exit and go towards troodos.
  • After around 20 kms, you will come to the village of trimlikini.
  • Immediately after Trimlikini, you will come across a junction where there are roads going to various other villages to the right and left. You have to take left where the signs point towards Mandria and Omodos Monastery.
  • Proceed towards Mandria on the same road. Just after Mandria, you will see many exits. Don’t go towards Omodos/Platres. Take the turn towards Ayios Nikolas/Pafos.
  • After this turn, the road is pretty narrow and single-laned. You have to drive for at least 15-20 minutes to reach Ayios Nikolas.
  • Just when you enter Ayios Nikolas, you will see a brown board pointing the turn towards the right for Kelefos Bridge.
  • You have to travel for around 6 kms on this earthen road to reach the bridge.

I had always wanted to take decent photographs of the crabs in this river. This time, i took my 70-300 lens and got some pretty ok shots. This place is also good for a picnic with few seats available at the banks of the river. We also did a river-walk, i.e. we walked on the river (as it is just over a feet deep) upstream for more than 1.5 hours. This was a very interesting trip. More about that in a later post. Enjoy the photos.

The photo below was very challenging to take as the insect was skipping around very fast on the water and it was difficult to get a proper focus on the insect. The one below is the best from almost a dozen attempts.

I am very happy with the photos of the crab below, considering the fact that the water was pretty murky and the crab was at least 10-15 cms inside the water. Had to use manual focus with a flash for these shots.

I tried to take a “different” shot of the bridge and as can be seen below, i failed 🙂

You can also visit Elia Bridge which is just 2-3 kms from Kelefos Bridge. A slightly longer (and rougher) drive will take you to Roudia Bridge, an awesome location!

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is 1 of most wonderful places in Cyprus..

  2. Stephen says:

    I agree, a wonderful place, and this entry partly inspired me to visit it myself last week. But the road from Ayios Nikolaos was tarmac, not dirt – and it was certainly a surface more than 6 weeks old! Despite my map showing a dirt road, it was tarmac all the way from Ayios Nikolaos to Kaminaria.

  3. Rajaram S says:

    The idea of this site/blog was to share info abt all the beautiful places in cyprus and it is good even if this motive is partly achieved 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the idea and for the (very good) directions to the location. We went there this week and it was all green and full of life like i didn’t think it possible in Cyprus.
    Dhanyawaad 🙂

  5. Bharat says:

    Nice Blog,
    excited about the bridges listed. can you please refer me a site where I can fiind a way to go to the Kelefos Bridge and Roudia Bridge from Nicosia.


  6. Rajaram S says:

    It is pretty easy to go from Nicosia. You have a direct road to troodos, then you go to platres, mandria and then to Ayios Nikolas. This will take you to kelefos. For roudia, you can continue on from there based on the direction i have given. I don’t see a shorter route 🙂

  7. Bharat says:

    Thanks a Lot for the prompt reply.
    Take care.

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