IKEA – Welcome to Cyprus

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5 Responses

  1. Vasili says:

    I wish there were some English language labels or signs in IKEA for foreigners or TurkishCypriot compatriots.

  2. holidays in cyprus says:

    It’s very handy if you want to deck out a holiday home on a budget. They deliver for free, as long as you live in a house or ground floor apartment. If they have to climb stairs, you have to pay. Takes around 2-3 days for delivery and it’s around a 45 minute drive from Protaras for your information.

  3. pam chilton says:

    Hi .
    I have a holiday home in Paphos and want to furnish my apartment with Ikea furniture. Do you do home delivery to that region?
    Pam Chilton

  4. Rajaram S says:

    Yes, they do to most parts of Cyprus, but at a price.

  5. al makdisi says:

    went to IKEA today for large purchases. What on Earth were they thinking when there are no signs in English? All over the island signs are in both Greek and English and almost all Cypriots speak English, but the important point is that there is a very large foreign population. An good example of poor management and lack of quality control from IKEA HQ. Other than that the store is well arranged and the usual IKEA products are available. Restaurant is the usual excellent standard with WIFI.

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