EU Laws for safety equipments in private cars

Yet another disadvantage of Cyprus joining EU! EU laws state that even private vehicles including your car and mine have to have first aid kits, warning triangles, fire extinguishers and fluorescent jackets. Just as is the trend in Cyprus, various departments in the government have totally different interpretations of the law.
According to the Nicosia Police Department, “The law does exist, but that it only affects public use vehicles, such as buses and taxis, which are required to carry first aid kits and fire extinguishers.” According to the Cyprus Automobile Association, “private vehicles were also affected, but were only required to carry safety triangles”.
It seems that having all four items is an EU law that has been around for several years, and that the police have the right to ask the owner of any parked car permission to search for them. So, to avoid paying the 60 Cyprus pounds fine, never ever park your car in any parking lot, as the law applies to only parked cars. As long as the engine is running, you can always argue that the car was not parked and is in fact moving forward at the rate of few millimetres an hour.
I am sure that Cyprus, as with any other law, would introduce an customisation in the EU law, stating that as an additional safety feature, the driver of the car should know to shout “help” and “stop” in greek, so as to safely come out of situations which require the help of locals.
But, I am not worried as i already have all the required safety features
  • We have an old almost empty bottle of amurtanjan in our dashboard, which qualifies as a first aid medicine. If the police questions questions me on this, i shall give him a bit to apply and then explain that it burns so much that you would forget the rest of the pain you have.
  • Warning triangle is not a problem, as i have the entire cricket kit in the boot if my car. I have enough bats and stumps to even form a warning hexagon behind the car. In fact, any other local driving past would definitely stop, as they would have never seen any cricket equipment in the past.
  • I always keep a bottle of water in my car which according to latest scientific research done by the American Fire-Safety board is the best way to extinguish fires.
  • My friends from the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh (in India) had gifted me a t-shirt for my birthday few years back. Even after many washes, it still retains the fluorescent colour, as it was so bright and clourful when i received it. I shall make it a point to always keep this in my car.

So, you also better be prepared with all the safety equipments or be ready to shell out 60 pounds.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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